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Nike CEO Mark - Parker (Mark Parker) recently attended a design innovation conference held in Fast Company. Many people praise Nike, because it acts as a sporting goods companies achieve an unexpected success in the hardware, software and services. In this regard, Parker explained, he clearly confined to the digital realm of Nike, Nike does not oppose future cooperation with other companies. Parker said: "Our understanding of good business, it is very important ...... Figuratively speaking, that is what has brought us to give Party, then enlarge it do not expect we'll use the latest and best products to sensor technology. competition, do not expect us to go into. " From Parker's words, not with Nike running technology companies compete heavily in research and development. Nike will not develop next iWatch. Although Nike has been testing the waters wearable market, Parker was well aware of Nike need help to move forward. Parker said: "We can deep collaboration and cooperation with other companies, there is a chance, in fact, I think in any business, any business, if you want to maximize innovation, we need to keep an open mind and embrace a variety of collaboration and cooperation, thereby releasing the potential of the past 15-20 years, we recognize very limited themselves can do, which is very important.cheap nike air max, "In fact, in the past, Nike has been like to work with innovators. For example, in FuelBand development, he worked with many companies, including Astro Studios, R / GA, Whipsaw, Synapse. Most acclaimed Nike and Apple collaboration Nike +, Nike was just entering the digital sports products. However, Jawbone recently spent $ 100 million acquisition of wearable technology providers BodyMedia, it looks like it wanted to go it alone, it may be another way. Parker said this: "When you work with some people, getting deep, deep into the various specific areas, you will be able to splice the parts to create something different, unique product, it is born of magic. So, the time to understand our course very important. "function, the new Furlband SE can be summarized as" more intelligent, more energy efficient. "novice ring still use motion sensors capture motion, but improved monitoring methods can be more accurately identify valid or invalid operation, effectively prevent data omissions, and cheating. In addition, the waterproof performance compared to the first generation of living water has improved, but the official did not say whether you can swim wear. Fuelband SE built-in Bluetooth 4.0 module, it can be a very low battery consumption to achieve real-time connectivity with the iPhone. In addition, given the close relationship between NIKE and Apple,air max outlet, with the iPhone 5s novice ring M7 coprocessor can take advantage of the connectivity to the co-processor to achieve further energy saving. But the specific life data were not disclosed, it would be better than the first generation of five days or so to durable number. Bracelet with cell phone use has also been updated, enhanced social functions. Users can name each time in addition to a profile, set the exercise intensity, but also the current state of motion to share with friends. Strengthening social function is a new selling point for all health equipment manufacturers are in pursuit, NIKE's Run applications have such changes. Fuelband SE is now on sale, December 6 officially on sale in the United States and Britain addition to the five countries, with the previous generation, the price is still $ 149. But one thing to note, Fuelband SE with mobile applications is still only iOS version, Android and Windows Phone users can only envy jealous hate. LEBRON 11 Gamma Blue color reflects the superior integrity, optimum strength and good impact resistance. LEBRON 11 Gamma Blue Nike Hyperposite color using technology effectively protect the feet, to withstand external shocks. Swoosh trademark flowing from yellow to represent the distinctive tempered steel blue spectrum. Following a further drop in performance expectations Adidas, another sporting goods giant Nike has also announced a new fiscal first quarter results. In the first quarter of the new fiscal year ended Aug. 31, the Nike net profit rose to $ 780 million, up 38%, operating income was $ 6.97 billion, an increase of 8%, but the company's revenue in the Chinese market as 5.74 billion,cheap air max 90, down 3%. Nike currently more intractable problem is the short-term bottlenecks to growth in the Chinese market, Nike said that the current China is actively make strategic adjustments. It is reported that, City Pack is designed for fashion girls build the series, the design continues to the city as a source of inspiration - build the New York fashion, dramas of London, classical and modern intertwined Milan, Paris and romantic longing pioneer Asian pop culture to Tokyo Each place is a world trend of fashion indispensable gathering; designers use different colors to interpret the style of the city, while the NIKE brand's unique blend of sports fashion them.

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